Package Includes:
1*Stretch Sofa Cover (11 patterns & 4 sizes )2*Pillow Case (11 patterns) (Optional)Several Free Foam Stick (quantity according to the size of the cover)
NOTE:①This product is not only suitable for sofa products with seats or armrests since it's very flexible, so it can be applied to various sofas, couchs, chairs, loveseats etc..②The most important thing is to measure the size according to the piture guaidance above.③For example,if you have a 3-seater sofa that measured much over 235cm, then you should choose a 4-seater cover instead of a 3-seater cover④Also pay attention that the side with the cleaning label should be place in the back of the sofa when installing the product. This is the perfect way to make it fit for you sofa.⑤This product is suitable for cortical sofa and cloth sofa that are with gaps.
85-140cm(Single seat)145-185cm(Double seat)190-230cm(Three person seat)235-300cm(Four person seat)45x45cm (Pillow Case)
11 Pattern for you
We believes and hope this 11 most in-fashion romantic and beautiful patterns will instantly make your livingroom full of vividness and fun,  and make you a good mood.
Matte terylene and spandex fabric, comfortable and soft, healthy and environmentally friendly.High-quality fabrics makes it prevent form mites and really helps to protect your furniture.We selectFlat and smooth,even more than the sofa towel, not easy to wrinkle.Foam bar helps to make the extra fabric deeply go into the sofa, which makes the sofa fit more perfectly!