P1B-1 Rubber Band Powered Airplane Hand Launch Level Elastic Powered RC Aircraft DIY Assembly Sky Voyager


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P1B-1 Rubber Band Powered Level Elastic Powered Aircraft DIY Assembly Sky Voyager
Features1. The tail wing airfoil design adopts the WY-4560 airfoil of the international F1B rubber-powered model aircraft, and the wing has a "spoiler line", which has excellent gliding performance, is not easy to deform, and has good interchangeability.2. The machine head is designed with a torsion stop structure. After the propeller is stopped in the air, the propeller can be automatically retracted under the action of aerodynamics.3. The tail section adopts carbon fiber tube, which is light in weight and small inertia, which improves the dynamic stability of the model.4. The whole machine assembly except the wing platform, other wing surfaces adopt positioning installation design, which is easy to assemble and disassemble and save, suitable for beginners to operate.
SpecificationWingspan : 648mmFuselage  : 610mmPacking size: 350mm*100mm*60mm
The model aircraft complies with the competition rules of the P1B-1 rubber band powered model aircraft:1. The flying weight is not less than 40 grams;2. Wingspan does not exceed 650 mm;3. The dynamic elastic band does not exceed 4 grams.
The airplane needs about 6 grams of counterweight to meet the requirements of P1B-1 level competition:    The designer left this weight to classmates and teachers to improve the use of the aircraft: a "forced landing" device must be installed. (Mechanical, Electronic, Ignition Wire) The device is installed at the counterweight position, as shown in the figure below. The horizontal tail has a modification function in the design, which can be modified with reference to the international level emergency landing method.
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Package Included1 x Airplane Set