1800W 220V Electric Radiator Convector Heater Cooler Fan Adjustable Thermostat Warmer


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  Specification: Category: Heater Color: silver gray Control method: mechanical Gear position: 3 gear position Shaking head function: support Timing function: not supported Remote control function: not supported Dumping power: support Thermostat function: support Rated voltage (V): 220 Power: 900W/1800W 3 Mode: Cooler/900W/1800W(Warmer) Rated frequency: 50Hz Product size: 468*107 *265 mm   Features: - Built-in intelligent temperature control. When the temperature of the body reaches the set temperature, the heater automatically stops at a constant temperature. At this time, collec-tive temperature will gradually decrease. When the temperature is lowered to the temperature control environment, the heater starts to warm up again. - The low heat file is recommended to be used in the space below 10m2, and the high heat file area is 15~20m2. - Rotate the chassis. Shake your head automatically. The head is automatically shaken at a large angle and the overall temperature rises. Automatically shake your head for warmth, wide heating range and comfortable use. -Dumping automatic power outage. The body is equipped with a dumping automatic power-off device, so there is no need to worry about electric leakage. - PTC ceramic heating - Third gear power. - mute. - no light, no oxygen consumption. - Can dry clothes.   Package included: 1x Electric heater fan