20Pcs Women Healthy Pregnancy Ovulation Test Strip Predicting Paper


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Reliable and accurate
Individually packaged, with a desiccant to prevent damp
Ovulation test can be quick and easy to predict the time of ovulation, so as to equip the time to conceive and contraception

Shape: Strip
Package size: App 11.6x5.5cm
Quantity: 20 pcs
Weight: App 41 g

How to use:
1. With a clean, dry container to collect urine, not use the morning urine. The time to collect urine is from 10 am to 8 pm, and collect in the same time every day, Urine was collected two hours before the water should be reduced intake
2. One end of the strip with arrow mark will be immersed in the urine, taken out after about three seconds and lay the strip flat, 10-20 min observation, the results within 30 minutes to read prevail
3. Do not immerse pass the MAX line

Package Included:
20 X Ovulation (LH) Test Strip