21 inch Beginners Practice Acoustic Guitar 6 String with Pick


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21 inch Beginners Practice Acoustic Guitar 6 String w/Pick

Specification: Material: Plywood String Configuaration: 6 String Length: 53cm / 21inch Size: 53cm*17.3cm*5cm Net Weight: 300g   Features: * This guitar throws in incredible value to quickly become a guitar that grabs your attention. * Enjoy crystal-clear sound on the stage or in the studio with this guitar. * The guitar is the perfect solution for beginners who want to learn to play guitar. * The guitar is an addicting instrument that can be taken everywhere. * It has a silky balance to the tone that supports vocals beautifully * The choice for you, and give your friends is a good idea * This is just a guitar itself and is for children to pretend to play the guitar   Packing Includes: 1 x 21" Children's Acoustic Guitar 1 x Pick 1 x String