50Pcs Rosin Extraction Screen Bags Nylon Heat Press Filter Bags 2.5x4.5 inch 90 Micron


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Material: Nylon Color: White Bag Size: 2.5" x 4.5" Bag Mesh: 90 Micron
● Bags are Inside out stitching and stitched with food grade nylon threading. ● Bags are designed to handle 190 degrees Celsius temperatures. ● Bags feature a side opening on one end. ● Bags are made with special ultrasonic sealing technology, which means there is no need to flip filter bags inside out.

How to Use: Bag Filters are specially designed 90 micron screens for pressing solventless oil using the Rosin Technique. Use the open side of the filter sleeve to insert your flowers or dry sifted material. Product is meant to be used with presses.   How to Wash: - You can clean them multiple ways Soak in alcohol, then scrape out old material, soak in alcohol again, then clean with very hot water and soap.Make sure to be very gentle with the seam. - Another option is to simmer them in coconut oil rather than soaking the tubes in alcohol. - The bags or tubes can be reused.
  Package Included:
50 x Rosin Extraction Bags

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