7 Size Wooden Embroidery Hoops Cross Stitch Sewing Tools Craft Ring Frame Machine Tool 11cm


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Specifications: Material: Beech Wood Color: Wood Height: 0.8cm Outer Diameter: 11cm / 13cm / 16cm / 19cm / 22cm / 25cm / 29cm (Inner Diameter: 10.5cm / 12.5cm / 15.5cm / 18cm / 21cm / 24cm / 28cm)   Features: a Designed to withstand lots of layers of fabric. b Screw fastening for free adjustment of tightness. c Solid wood construction, no deformation, no cracking. d The surface is coated with environmental matte varnish. e Ideal for patchwork, quilting, sewing and embroidery projects.   Package Included: 1 Pcs Embroidery Hoop