Aquarium Plant CO2 Regulators Fish Grass Tank Check Valve Carbon Bubble Counter


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Specification: Material: Steel Color: Silver Suitable Fish Tank Size:  <span style="color: rgb(51, 51, 51); font-family: " pingfang="" sc",="" "lantinghei="" "microsoft="" yahei",="" arial,="" 宋体,="" sans-serif,="" tahoma;="" font-size:="" 16px;"=""><60cm Constant Pressure Valve Size: (L)X(W)X(H) 6x3.6x14cm /2.36”x1.42”x5.51”(appr.) Bubble Counter Size: (Dia.)X(H) 2.5x8.5cm /0.98”x3.35”(appr.) Diffuser Size: (L)X(H) 3.5X6.5cm /1.38”x2.56(appr.)   Features: 1) Made of steel material, durable and easy to install. 2) CO2 is an indispensable element for the growth of aquatic plants. The content of CO2 in the tank is very limited, so additional CO2 is needed to complete photosynthesis. 3) Ultra-high precision, consistent with the constant pressure valve can be stable output with only one adjustment. 4) External solenoid valve, CO2 gas first enters the solenoid valve through the trim valve, effectively avoiding clogging and reducing the failure rate. 5) The installation process of the metal bubble recorder is simple and convenient, and the CO2 trachea is effectively locked to prevent accidents caused by loosening. 6) Bubbles are small and dense, directly atomized in water, high dissolution rate, thus saving gas, prolonging the air exchange time of the cylinder, the upper cover can be unscrewed, easy to replace the thinning film.   Package Included: 1 Pcs Constant Pressure Valve 1 Pcs Bubble Counter 1 Pcs Diffuser 1 Pcs Bracket 1 Pcs Hose 5 Pcs CO2 Cylinder(16g)