British Standard Pneumatic Gun Regulator And air Filter oil water separator


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British standard pneumatic gun regulator + air filter (oil-water separator)

Oil-water separator:
Directly for small pneumatic tools air intake filtration moisture in the air.
Pressure range: pressure 1-9kg / cm2. The maximum pressure ≤9.9kg / cm2
Thread Size: male side connection British units 1/4 "
The female side can be directly connected to the gun ,screw-type inlet connector British units 1/4 "are threaded connections.
Performance: In the case of spraying demanding, high-end gun necessary aids,
Fast interfaces directly to the spray gun, ensure that the paint after ,paint atomizing not mixed with any moisture inside.
Making higher quality paint spraying.

Pneumatic gun regulator:
Table adjustable pressure regulator range 0-11BAR (British of 0-160PSI)
Air inlet thread -1 / 4NPT taper of the thread, the thread connecting the lance -1 / 4NPT internal thread.
Can be used with the gun, achieve the display, adjust and control the pressure,
It is the partner upscale gun. Compact, flexible adjustment and light weight

Package included:
1x pneumatic gun regulator
1x oil-water separator