Car Switch Manual Reset Fuse holder Circuit Breaker 12V 100/150/200A Switch for Car SUV Boat Battery Manual Reset Switch 200A


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Features:   100 150 200Amp - High Current Circuit Breaker Works with 5-50vDC Stops Power Surges from Damaging Your Amps Mount on Panel or Firewall Unique Push Button Reset can also be used as a Kill Switch High Tech water resistant housing   Description:   car breaker audio is refitted to restore insurance manual power failure circuit breaker 100A Working voltage (V) : minimum 5VDC, highest 50VDC Current product: 100 150 200a 1, open circuit protection: when the current gets to the cut off value, long handles automatically get off, cut-off power supply, skips is generally short circuit conditions, such as troubleshooting. After the long deal with by back again can form pathways. 2, manual powers: we need to disconnect the circuit when converted, the insurance directly to the oval red button pressed, the long deal with automatic get off, cut-off power supply. Put the long handle back in place as it is above.   Method of Use:   1) the connection in (BAT) lane. OUT (AUX). 2) press the oval button, the long handle is unlocked. The breaker is off. (make sure to press the oval button, if you use the handle directly with the handle, the breaker is broken and there is no guarantee.) 3) after the laborious process of the flick is reset, the circuit breaker is energized. Use scope: commonly used in the automobile industry, demo products, winch, dc power supply equipment, electric vehicles, chargers, motors and other electrical products over-current protection situations. Effect: prevent excessive current, protect the electrical appliance    Package Included:    1x Circuit Breaker Reset Fuseholder