Carbon Fiber Vertical Rudder Motor Mount Rudder Tray Set for 20-50CC Airplane


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Specification:   Rudder Tray:  L121*38mm, 1pcs Carbon Fiber Servo Arm:  L60*24mm, 1pcs; L112*33mm, 1pcs Aluminum Bearing Mount:  D25*H18mm Aluminum Stick:  D5*H16mm Aluminum Round Servo Plate:  D25*3mm Bearing:  D11mm Stainless Steel Push Rod:  L38mm Standard Bearing Head:  D3*28mm Connecting Rod:  L23mm Flat Screw:  K2.5*6mm (black) Set Screw:  PWA2.3*12mm Nut:  M2 Machine Screw A# with Wash:  PM3*6mm Machine Screw:  PM2*8mm Nylon Nut:  M3 Washer:  D7*d3mm Taper Washer:  D3mm (copper) Machine Screw with Wash:  PM3*14mm   Packaging Included:   1 X Rudder Mount Kit