Dental Endodontic Autoclavable Sterilization Tray Box Clean Stand Files Holder Organizer


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Type: Dental Sterilization Disinfection Box Material: Plastic Color: Blue Size: 11x5.5x5cm
● Dental sterilization box consists of 3 parts: box body, cover and partition. ● Application: sterilized bur, file, gutta percha point etc. ● Be made of high quality plastic, durable. ● Autoclavable under the high temperature of 135℃.

Benefits: ● Reduce the space occupied by the disinfection box, conducive to the work of cleaning teeth; ● Reduce the number of disinfection, and can thoroughly disinfect some components, to ensure the hygiene of the dental endodontic.

Usage: Put the file into the dental autoclavable box and put it in the high temperature and high pressure disinfection cabinet, it can be autoclavable directly.
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1 x Dental Sterilization Box

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