Geekcreit® 100A 22000W Power Monitor Module AC Meter Panel 45-65Hz Test Voltage AC 80-260V


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  Many buyers are response: 

Why test data is wrong?  Voltage * Current = Power, But power is less than the actual test voltage * Current, Why is that?

Answer: There are three types of power:

Active Power (P represents / W)
Reactive power (Q represents / Var)
Apparent power (S represents / VA)

Here that We only talk about Active Power, others please google it:

P = U * I * cosφ, cosφ it represents the power factor, purely resistive load (Such as incandescent, heater, etc.) the power factor is generally close to 1,Between the inductive and capacitive load load power factor 0-1. So purely resistive load test time, P is substantially equal to or close to U * I. When Inductive or capacitive load test (Such as refrigerators, washing machines, televisions, computers, etc.) P<U*I, As for how much to keep the power factor related to the specific, Different for each appliance power factor. 

  1. This module is suitable for indoor, not outdoor use. 2. applied load can not exceed the rated power. 3. The wiring order can not be wrong.   Specification:
  Apply to power grid voltage range: 110V-220V Working voltage: 80 ~ 260VAC Test voltage: 80 ~ 260VAC Rated power: 100A / 22000W Working Frequency: 45-65Hz Measurement accuracy: 1.0 (Error 1%)
Dimensions of LED display screen: 51 x 30mm   Feature:
  Network voltage direct power supply, no external power supply, measurement precision, large-screen LCD liquid crystal screen display clearly.   A. Function
  1. electrical parameter measurement function (voltage, current, active power, power). 2. overload alarm function (over power alarm threshold, the backlight and power flicker tips). 3. The power alarm threshold preset function (can set up their own power alarm threshold). The power button clear function. 5. Power-down data storage function. 6. Large-screen LCD screen full display function (display voltage, current, active power, power). 7. Backlight.   B. Display and key
  Display Interface     Display voltage, current, power, energy parameters from the large-screen LCD screen simultaneously.   Display Format   1. Power: measurement range 0 ~ 22kW         1kW display format within 0.0 ~ 999.9W;         From 1kW display format 1000 ~ 9999W;         10kW above the display format 10.0 ~ 22.0kW. 2. Power: measurement range 0 ~ 9999kWh         10kWh within the display format 0 ~ 9999Wh;         Above 10kWh display format 10 ~ 9999kWh; 3. Voltage: Test Range 80 ~ 260V           Display Format 80 ~ 220V 4. Current: Test Range 0 ~ 100A           Display Format 0.00 ~ 99.99A.   Package included:
  1 x 100A Power Monitor Module AC Meter Panel
1 x CT