Description : Kitchen Faucet Aerator Water Saving Device Two Water Mode Splash-proof Filter for Kitchen Bathroom from Youpin

Brand Diiib  Size 46.8*28*28mm Surface Treatment Electroplate Weight 39g Working Water Pressure 0.05-0.8Mpa Patent List Chinese Invention Patent ZL201510295378.3 
ZL201410087139.4 Chinese Utility Model Patent ZL201821210041.3 , ZL201520372629.9 ZL201520372734.2 , ZL201520372732.3 ZL201520371947.3 , ZL201520371883.7 ZL201520371772.6 , ZL201120571183.4  Chinese Appearance Patent ZL201630026045.6 , ZL201530173761.2 ZL201530173905.4 , ZL201530173736.4 ZL201530173775.4 , ZL201530173834.8 
*Two Water Flow 1. Soft bubble stream 2. Strong spray (With a gentle twist, the two modes can be arbitrarily converted to meet different water needs.)

*Water Saving: 50%~80% (compared with faucet without bubbler)

*Filtration Function:
The filter of the bubbler can also filter most of the sediment and impurities, and the internal grid can filter the impurities of large particles.
1. Prevent water flowed, and the air is mixed with water is good,the water feels soft,enhanced water momentum,cleaning more convenient. 2. A fine, built-in dirt strainer captures sand and dirt particles. 3. To clean, simply remove the strainer and rinse it off under the water. 4. Humanized design, easy to install and use, no need to replace the original faucet, no need to change other environments. 5. 360 degree rotation, water can easily covers the whole sink,never worry about clean the sink in cold winter. 6. Under the condition of high efficiency water saving, fully meet the water requirements for daily hand washing, dish washing, washing vegetables and washing fruits. 7. All use environmentally friendly materials, harmless, no radiation, absolutely safe and reliable. 8. 17 national patents, use more peace of mind.
  Packing Included:  1 x Bubbler   1 x Mounting Wrench  5 x Adapter 2 x Sealing Ring  1 x Instruction Manual

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