MLA-30 100kHz-30MHz Loop Antenna Active Receiving Antenna Low Noise Antenna for HA SDR Short Wave Radio


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1. The MLA-30 is a toroidal magnetic antenna.
2. The MLA-30 loop antenna is a popular broadband antenna. It is an effective antenna for short-wave listeners (SWL) and amateur radio enthusiasts (HAM) to receive medium-wave and short-wave in the limited living area of the city. Frequency coverage: 100kHz to 30 MHz. Excellent directionality can help you reduce noise and improve the signal-to-noise ratio, and can dig out weak signals that are overwhelmed by noise when conventional antennas are received.
3. The MLA-30 loop antenna is easy to install and can be easily installed on balconies, rooftops, and other small, compact, low-profile installations without worrying about neighbors and property opposition.
4. Another advantage of the MLA-30 loop antenna is that it is directional. By rotating the antenna so that the dummy point of the antenna is aligned with the interfering signal, the specific near-field interference can be minimized.
5.Details of the MLA-30 loop antenna:
- Do not connect it to the transmitter as it will cause the preamplifier to be damaged.
- Local radiation noise suppression up to 30 dB compared to long-haul antennas
- 8-shaped patterning provides deep dummy points to further reduce interference
- USB power supply, convenient to take power. Self-contained feeders simplify the installation process.
- Simple structure, easy to install to the balcony, rooftop and other locations.
- No manual adjustment required
- Install low-key, no need to worry about neighbors and properties.
- Modular design, easy to install and maintain.
- Stainless steel ring vibrator, easy to install and easy to maintain.
- Rainproof enclosure for long-term fixed outdoor use.
- Main coverage: 100kHz to 30 MHz


Type: Loop Antenna
Model: MLA-30
Frequency Coverage: 100kHz to 30 MHz

Package Included:

1 x MLA-30 Amplifier with 10M Cable
1 x Stainless Steel Vibrator
1 x Bias Supply
1 x USB Cable 0.8m
1 x 60cm SMA Cable
1 x Stainless Steel Fixing Screws