Orgonite Pyramid Energy Chakra Multiplier Reiki Orgone Peridot And Rainbow Fluorite Healing Decorations


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Shape: Pyramid Material: Crystal  Color: As the pictures shown Bottom Side Length: 5.5 cm Height: 6 cm   Features: - Elaborate production. - Tree of Life + Gold Color+ Colored Stone. - Purple fluorite can eliminate the body's toxins and provide human immunity. - Blue fluorite has a certain calming ability, stimulating creativity, especially suitable for quiet brain users. - Help to strengthen their own gas field, energy field, can ward off evil spirits, prevent malicious attacks by sorcerers. - Yellow fluorite can improve interpersonal relationships, promote people's spiritual communication, and enhance collective cooperation. - Green fluorite is one of the most stable emotional forces, absorbs the negative gas field in the human body, so that you can perform better. - The natural red fluorite can repair the first choice of the gas field, can make people's gas field angry and refreshing, and can clear the original fuzzy thoughts.   Package Included: 1 x Orgonite Pyramid