Portable Clothes Dryer Disinfection Box Pink


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Descriptions:   One button to switch between three modes: 1. Red light: 5H hot air drying sterilization; 2. Blue light: 10min normal temperature to remove odor;  3. Powder lamp: 3H hot air drying sterilization.    Principle of pasteurization: Pasteurization is a sterilization method that can kill bacteria and microorganisms such as Escherichia coli by heating to 60-65 ° C for 30 minutes. After working for 20-30 minutes in the dry box, the temperature inside the box will be constant between 55-70 ° C. Microorganisms are heated to the cell wall and lose their activity and die, so they can be used for sterilization.


Controlling Mode: Digital Timer Control Power-off Protection: Yes power: 100W Voltage: 220V-240V product weight: 1.2kg product size: 315*198*115mm Heating mode: PTC Shell material: ABS
Max. Timing Limit: 241-480min

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1 x Clothes Dryer Disinfection Box

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