Traditional Mini U Shaped Horseshoe Teaching Magnetic For Kids Children Educational Gift Toys

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Item  U Shaped Horseshoe Teaching Magnet 
Material Magnet 
Color As the picture
Weight 6g

This set of magnets is used for physics experiments in teaching, which can make students intuitively feel the existence of magnetic field. The nature of magnet --- same-sex repulsion and opposite sex attraction can mobilize students' learning initiative and create a good learning atmosphere , Thus greatly improving the quality of teaching! Magnets can provide a constant magnetic field, is an essential auxiliary physical electromagnetism equipment

 You can stick them on the fridge 
 This horseshoe magnet is designed to bring the two poles close together, creating a powerful magnetic field that has a stronger attraction to other magnetic materials
 Magnet shaped like a horseshoe classic design
 Perfect for magnet play Learning experiments and school activities for children 

WARNING: We would not recommend this magnet be used by children under 8 without supervision!

Package included:
1 X  U Shaped Horseshoe Teaching Magnet