Servo Tester & Voltage Display 2 in 1 Servo Controller for RC Car Robot

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1.Width*Length: 35*50mm
2.Weight: 13.8g
Wiring method:

1.7.4V lithium battery charging terminal can be directly inserted in the white terminal;
2.Connect the power supply to the blue terminal , the positive voltage can be 5~8.4V  .
Usage method:

1.Connect the power supply to the board;
2.Connect the servo to the servo interface. "+"is positive, "-" is negative, "S" is the signal terminal;
3.Turning the knob, the servo will rotate synchronously;
4.There is an elastic button under the knob which can switch mode;
"Back to" is: back to the middle position;
"Manual" is: knob control.
Package included:
1x Servo Tester