Plotclock Upgraded Manipulator Drawing Robot Robotic Clock with Controller

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Plotclock is a robotic clock that uses an arm to write the time on a mini whiteboard with a dry erase marker. After it writes out the time, it erases the numerals with an eraser and begins anew. It is controlled by an microcontroller, and can be made with a 3D printer or laser cutter. Newly upgraded version adds clock chip and LCD module. It's more flexible to assemble the main board on the bottom board.
Name: Plotclock Robotic Clock
Model: Null
Color: White
Material: Acrylic
Age: ≥14 years old
Getting Started with and Genuino on Windows:
Package included:
1 x Plotclock Robotic Clock(Unassembled)
3 x 9g Servo 
1 x Uno R3
1 x Extention Board
1 x Clock chip 
1 x LCD module
1 x USB Cable
1 x Screws Set