Roman Vintage Retro Humidity Meter CamperVan Caravan Motorhome Gauge

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Product Name: Gold Roman Retro Humidity Meter
Type: Thermo-hygrometer
Quantity: Thermo-hygrometer *1+screws*10
Color: Gold/Chrome
Product Range: 20-100/°F 0-30/°C 20-100% 20-100/REL.
Clock face diameter: 7.2CM
Base Diameter: 5.7CM
Product Height: 3.5CM
Packing Size: 11*5.3*11.2
Thermometer: Range : -20~50°C / -4~122 °F Accuracy : +/-2°C
Hygrometer: Range : 20~90%RH Accuracy : +/-9
1. Metallic gold navigation instrument can be decorated car boat RV, etc.
2. Unblemished high quality surface treatment
3. Polished brass surface
4. The main material of the product is zinc alloy, some aluminum, plastic, copper and so on.
5. The metal surface treatment is vacuum ion plating, and the plating has strong corrosion resistance.
6. Each product is equipped with anti-vibration washers, so that after installation in the car to reduce vibration, reduce the impact on the accuracy of the movement.

Package Included:
1 x  Humidity Meter