100cm Anti Thief Alarm Disc Safe Lock Security Reminder Spring Exerciser Strong Cable Safty Tools

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Color: Orange, Blue, Green, Red, Black, White
Material: Alloy Material +VC
Side: 100 cm
Length: Approx. 100cm adjustable
1. 150cm length to reach from short to tall handlebars.
2. Lightweight, easy to pack, brigh colored coiled cable acts as a highly visual theft deterrent.
3. 2 looped-ends: 1 for disc lock, the other for handgrip. Prevents potential damage and embarrassment caused by riding away while the disc lock is engaged.
4. Do not ride off with your disc lock on your brake rotor ever again.
5. Suitable for Motorcycles, Scooters, and Bicycles.
6.Surface treatment PVC jacket and spring-like processing methods.
7.Single-strand structure and tensile strength 1000 (Mpa).
Suggested Use:
This reminder cord is meant to be used with a motorcycle disc lock. The cable/cord has a loop at each end, to connect your disc lock to your handgrip.