Slime Stuff Charm Fishbowl Beads Glitter Pearls Slime Mylar Flake Slime Containers With Foam Balls

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Make super cool slime, clear goo slime, color-changing slime, and glitter slimes, and more!
For kids ages 6 and up, and for parents too! Adult supervision is recommended.
It's perfect as a birthday or holiday gift, or for play dates, after-school, or rainy day fun. And it's educational and keeps children away from screens.
Pattern & Weight:
#1:Unicorn Pack (72 PCS): 397g
#2: Glitter Pearls Pack(73 PCS) : 340g

1. Adults Supervision.
2.DIY materials are not edible, children under the supervision of adults to complete DIY production. Wash hands before and after making the production.
3. Please do not try to touch eyes, mouth, hair, clothes, sofas and other contact wenn playing (wenn slime into eyes/mouth, please rinse with running water, serious please the nearest medical treatment)
4.Slime will be contaminated with other materials (such as dust, etc.)
5.Wenn the crystal mud is too thin, just is because the concentration of Slime activator solution is not enough, so according to the actual situation you can add some Slime activator solution. On the contrary, if too dry, maybe the added Slime activator solution is too much. (Or by adding water to the ratio)
6.This is a slime kit with Fishbowl Beads and Glitter Pearls, it's not suit for kids under 6 to play. 

Package Included:
1 x Slime Kit