Finwinghobby F44 F33 Twin Motor 1120mm 840mm Wingspan Changeable Mapping Surveying FPV Transformer Wing FPV RC Airplane Kit

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Finwinghobby F44 F33 1120mm 840mm Wingspan Portable Mapping Surveying FPV Transformer Wing FPV RC Airplane


Brand name: Finwinghobby
Model: F44, F33 transformer

Items F33 Specifications F44 Specifications
Wing Span 840MM(33") 1120MM(44")
Length 660MM(26") 660MM(26")
Wing Area 22.0 Sq dm (341 sq in) 34.0 Sq dm (527 sq in)

Fuselage and Wings:  EPP (unbeatable foam material in the model world)
Nose Fuselage:  Durable&Flexible Blowing PE Plastic
Nose Protector:   Elastic EVA


Kits Weight

0.55kg 0.78kg

Recommended AUW



Max. AUW ever tested

Electronics required (kits package not included)
F33 Motor (1PCS) 2208 /2210/2212  (KV please reference to their motor testing report from which motor supplier you want to choose)Click here
F44 Motor (2PCS) 2205/2206 (KV please reference to Motor supplier and what propeller you chose, different propeller size the KV must be differenctly)
Propeller (1PCS)6045 Click here CW/CCW  6"  7" or 8" propeller Click here
ESC (1PCS)30A Click here

(2PCS) 20A-25A Click here

Testing proved setting Brake is good to

protect your propellers while landing

compared with Non-brake model

Servo (2PCS)17g/23g Servo   < Servo Size 27*12.5*29.8MM> Click here
Battery Lipo: 3S 2200mah Click here Lipo: 3S 4000mah-5200mah Click here
Lipo: 4S 1500mah-1800mah Click here Lipo: 4S 3000mah-4000mah Click here

How about 18650 ?  3.7V 3500mah/Per Cell 

or 3.7V  3000mah/Per Cell,

flight time may >1 hour (experienced flyers only) 

3S2P 11.1V 7000mah (Approx.300g) Click here
4S2P 14.8V 6000mah(Approx.350g) Click here

3S3P 11.1V 9000mah (420-450g)

This is for experienced flyers only

Finwinghobby F44 transformer fpv wing manual, click here

Note: This plane is KIT only, not included any electronic parts.

Package Included:
1x Finwinghobby F44 transformer fpv wing kit