Trawler Fishing Nesting RC Boat Net-Laying Boat Large Torque With Water Seal Motor Control Distance 400m

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Introduction of main accessories
Battery: 12000MAH lithium battery (weighs 1000g)
Use time: Full power, about 40 minutes continuous pulling the net, empty boat more than an hour
Remote control: 800 meters 10A  version remote control + receiving
Decoupling device: 12V two-wire electromagnetic decoupling device
Speed regulation: no
Motor: 775 motor (self assembled 795)
Paddle: 6CM diameter four-blade paddle
PVC tube hull with battery box, waterproof wiring and digital voltage display
Waterproof net cover Motor drive shaft paddle with water seal Special strong glue bottle (200g)
The total weight of the boat: about 5.5 kg