3D Antique Self-Assembly Wooden Music Box Jewelry Case Laser Cut Parts Building Kits Mechanical Model Gift Decorations

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This is a lovely classic music box with beautiful design. You can put it in the bedroom or living room and it will be an attractive decoration. It is a mechanical music box which does not need battery to power.
Quite amazing kits for intelligence development!
You are required to have patience wisdom to assembly it by yourself.
Material: Wood
Color: Light Brown
Package Size: 380 x 180 x 40mm
Product Size: 185 x 120 x 100mm
Assemble Time: 3-4 Hours
Wood Piece: 156pcs
Recommended Age: 14+
A: Canon
B: City of Sky

1. Well-designed parts and Eco-friendly material. With wonderfully designed and well-cut parts made by advanced and accurate laser cutting, it works perfectly and smoothly when assembling together.
2. Challenging work and practice your patience. Since it is challenging to put together, do not rush and force anything. Be patient and pay more attention when assembling this items. It will be beneficial for you.
3. Amazing gift and ornament. Compared with other gifts, it’s more meaningful, easily leaving a good impression on individuals. Not that casual, and the one who receives your gift would feel your blessing.
4. Convenient to carry and store. This building set tends to be collective and light so that it’s convenient for you to carry it anywhere. 
5. Electricity, screws, glue are not required. Instead, it works with rubber rings.
1. You can smash the parts after using the cutter to get the connection point. Pay more attention not to smash the parts with brute force.
2. The burrs on the transmission parts such as gears should be removed with cutter and then lubricated with paraffin.
3. The steps of the exclamation mark on the manual should be carefully checked to ensure that the parts are installed and installation direction is correct.
4. “add+” or “+” is marked as a spare part. If there are no spare parts for the bad parts, try repairing with glue.
Package Included:

1 x Music Box Building Kit
1 x Instruction 
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