Aigo Travel Conversion Socket Plug Universal Adapter Travel Abroad Converter Household Plugs US/DE/UK From Xiaomi Youpin

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Many friends will be troubled when buying Chinese products with Chinese plugs, this converter is suitable for Chinese plug products.
Adapted to most digital and electrical products: After conversion through the converter, there is no difference in power consumption with ordinary sockets.
Compact and portable, not occupying extra space: similar to the size of ordinary chargers, it can be conveniently placed in a backpack or luggage when traveling, and does not take up much space, which is very convenient.
750 degrees Celsius fire retardant: The shell is made of high quality flame retardant materials, which will not deform at 100 degrees Celsius and will not burn at 750 degrees Celsius, which effectively prevents accidents and is safe to use.
Anti-shock safety protection door: The protection door design effectively prevents accidental electric shock, and can avoid the danger of safety caused by the entry of foreign objects to a certain extent.
Rated voltage / current: US Adapter (125V 15A), UK Adapter (250V / 13A), DE Adapter (250V / 10A)
Shell material: flame retardant polycarbonate
Insert sleeve material: high quality copper
Product size: 63 * 55 * 52mm (US) /63*74.5*52mm (DE) /63*56.5*52mm (UK)
Working environment: -10 ° C ~ 40 ° C

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1 x Aigo Travel Conversion Socket Plug