4Pcs/8Pcs/10Pcs Gas Range Stove Top Burner Cover Protector Reusable Liner Cook Non-stick

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1. Coated with high-quality Teflons with glass fiber cloth, excellent anti-adhesion, can easily remove oil stains and stains on the surface, and can be used repeatedly.
2. Prevent grease from overflowing and accumulating on the surface of the gas stove during cooking.
3. High temperature resistance range, conventional temperature from -70 to 260 â„? with a maxium for 380â„?
4. It can be safely used in dishwasher, non-toxic, safe to contact food, and has antiseptic function.

Color: Black
material: Teflons Coated fiberglass cloth
Size: 27x27cm/10.63"X10.63"
Thickness: 0.12mm

Package included:
4 / 8 / 10pcs Teflons gas stove grease pad