3M Swimming Pool Inflatable Swimming Bath Tub Bathtub Children Adults

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1 x Inflatable Swimming Pool


1x Inflator

Fabulous Design: The inflatable swimming pool features the humanized design, thus making bathing easy, and it can let you enjoy the beauty of life.
Perfect in Use: The pool can be used for liquor bath, milk bath, honey bath make the hot summer refreshing.
Space Saving: This pool does not require any space. No matter where you are, it can easily accompany you in your home.
Practical Design: With the pool, you will have a safe and sanitary private space, then you can enjoy the dream of a private family swimming pool and enjoy the cool summer.
Excellent in Use: The inflatable pool features the practical design to be excellent in use, which can help you nourish the skin, then your life will be different.

Composition: thickened eco-friendly PVC
Inner diameter:246 x 130cm Inflatable products may be 5-10CM error.
Outer diameter:300 x 176cm. Inflatable products may be 5-10CM error.

1. Inflate the main body of the pool and let it inflated.
2. Adjust the temperature of the hot water to an appropriate temperature (37 ~ 40 degrees) and then add water in the pool (inject cold water first, then heat the water)
3. After use, drain the water from the draining hole of the pool, clean it and dry it in a ventilated place.
4.Inflatable products may be 5-10CM error.