Suleve™ M2CH1 M2 Carbon Steel Allen Bolt 3-20mm Hex Socket Cap Screw Metric Assortment Kit 200Pcs


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Brand: Suleve
Model: M2CH1
Grooves: Hexagon
Head Type: Cylinder head
Mode of action: hand twist
Category: machine screws
Material: carbon steel

Box contains: Size Quantity M2x3mm  20pcs M2x4mm  20pcs M2x5mm  20pcs M2x6mm  20pcs M2x8mm  20pcs M2x10mm 20pcs M2x12mm  20pcs M2x16mm 20pcs M2x18mm 20pcs M2x20mm 20pcs
- Hexagon angular grooves depth of more deep, will not slip.
- Vertical shape protruding grooves design, hand tighten more convenient.

Package included:
200 × Screws