Suleve™ MXSS2 M2/M2.5/M3 Stainless Hex Socket Cap Head Screws Allen bolt Nut Assortment Kit 300pcs


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Material: Stainless Steel
Model(inside diameter):M2 M2.5 M3

- Hex head bolt and screw fastener include iron bolts and stainless steel bolts.
- Reamed hole and bolt hole size is  fit  in by using lateral force.
- The stem portion has a hole, these holes avoid being from loosened when the bolt is subject to vibration.
- With special high strength bolts,light weight and convenient to use.

Screw size(inside diameter and column length):
Type Length Quantity M2 Screw 6mm 20 M2 Screw 8mm 20 M2 Screw 10mm 20 M2 Screw 16mm 20 M2 Screw 20mm 20 M2.5 Screw 8mm 20 M2.5 Screw 10mm 20 M2.5 Screw 16mm 20 M2.5 Screw 20mm 20 M2.5 Screw 25mm 20 M3 Screw 8mm 20 M3 Screw 10mm 20 M3 Screw 18mm 20 M3 Screw 20mm 20 M3 Screw 30mm 20 Total Quantity: 300