ULTIMA-M7 Electric Derma Dr. Pen Auto MicroNeedle Roller


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* Removing scars, including removing or treating acne.
* Acne scar removal, acne scar treatment.
* Anti-wrinkle treatment, anti-aging.
* Hair loss treatment or hair restoration.
* Surgical scar removal.
* Super Pigmentation Treatment.
* Treat acne scars and heal wounds.
Product Name: Automatic Embossing Medium Machine
Model Name: Ultima M7
Needle Material: stainless steel
Facial Input: AC 100-240V 50 / 60Hz
Adapter: 5V, 1000mA pen
Size: about 14 * 2cm
Weight: about 374g
Function: acne, age spots / freckles, blemish, signs of aging, wrinkles / lines
How To Use:
* Use facial cleanser to clean the area of ​​the skin you want to treat
 * Microneedle disinfection with 75% alcohol / saline / UV
* Dissolve lyophilized powder and roll with a needle (need to use with lyophilized powder or related flavors)
 * Cross-rolling operation of each part is about 8-15 minutes;
* Face operation: forehead-right face size-left face size
 * It is better to add lyophilized powder or related essence at the same time during rolling
 * Apply a special ice mask after rolling for about 30 minutes (do not rinse with water)
 * Do not touch the skin for 6-8 hours to prevent infection
 * Professional nursing 1-2 times a week, 10 courses of treatment, it is recommended to use more than 2 courses continuously for better results
Package Included:
1x Host
1x US Adapter
1x Box
1x English Manual
2x Ink Cartridge
For your safety, use only one roller per person.
1. Do not force the roller into the skin, but use only moderate pressure.
 2. Tilt the wheel with the same intensity, covering the same area vertically and horizontally.
 3. Apply solutions according to customer needs.
4. After treatment, apply post-skin care solution.
5. For safe and correct use, please read the manual in front of the roller carefully.
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