V Block Clamp Set V Block Matched Pair 7/16 to 13/16 90 Degree Precision Machine Lathe Tools


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V Block Clamp Set V Block Matched Pair 7/16 to 13/16 90 Degree Precision Machine

Model: ZT03-05 Material: 40Cr   Features:
The use of V type The utility model is mainly used for placing circular workpieces such as shafts, sleeves, disks, etc., so as to find the central line and draw out the central line. General V block is a pair of two pieces, two pieces of flat and V groove are installed in a grinding out. V type precision block size of each other between the surface parallelism, perpendicularity error within 0.01 mm, the center line of V groove must be symmetry plane in V frame and the bottom surface and parallel, concentricity, parallelism error is within 0.01 mm, V groove width error in + 30~ + 1 within the scope of. The precision V block can also be crossed with a V block with a holding bow. The cylindrical workpiece can be firmly clamped on the V block and turned over to each position.   V type iron manufacturing standard According to the national standard GB4972-85 cast iron V frame, according to JB/T8047-95 standard manufacturing, using HT200 material, generally paired supply.   Load requirement of V type frame The load of V frame refers to the deformation deflection of the V type frame after the weight of the area of the V type frame. For the sake of understanding, we can consider the pressure that the V frame can bear without affecting the normal use of the V frame.
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2 x V Block Clamp 

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