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Description: Observe and record the weather with your own multi-functional weather station. The kit features a wind vane, an anemometer, a thermometer and a rain gauge. Also experiment with the greenhouse effect and create a terrarium in a bottle.   Specification: Material: Plastic Package Size (L x W x H): 16.7 x 21.8 x 4.5cm  (6.6 x 8.6 x 1.8inch) Quantity: 20Pcs/Set Accessories   Features: 1. Made of plastic, non-toxic, Eco-Friendly and durable material. 2. This weather station is designed to measure wind, rainfall and temperature.  The anemometer and wind vane measure the wind.  The rain gauge measures how much rain has fallen. The thermometer measures air temperature. 3. It is easy to assemble followed by the instructions. 4. Light in weight, convenient to use and carry. 5. It is accessible to observe and record the weather with your own multi-functional weather station. Also experiment with the greenhouse effect and create a terrarium in a bottle. 6. You can also grow plants inside the bottle.

Follow these steps to assemble your weather station. Colored numbers refer to the diagrams.
1. Put the two halves of the support column together and secure them with two screws. Screw the column onto the neck of an empty, clean soda bottle.
2. Now assemble the rain gauge section of the weather station. Identify the rain gauge support arm. The flat side of the arm is the top side (note that the top side of each arm is the flat side). Slide the plastic tube through the hole at the narrow end of the arm until it stops. Push the funnel firmly into the top of the tube.
Now assemble the thermometer section. Identify the thermometer support arm. Slide the thermometer down into the brackets on the end of the arm until it stops. Note that the thermometer’s bulb should be at the bottom.
4. Next, assemble the wind vane section. Identify the wind vane support arm. Push the compass into the hole in the centre of the arm. Push the shorter spindle through the hole in the wind vane and into the hole in the end of the arm. Check that the vane spins freely.
5. Finally, assemble the anemometer section. Identify the anemometer support arm. Slot the three cups into the hub, making sure that they all point in the same direction (all clockwise or all anticlockwise). Push the longest of the two spindles through the hub and into the small hole in the end of the support arm. Check that the anemometer spins freely.
6. Now place the four instrument arms onto the support column. Put the rain gauge on first, followed by the thermometer, then the wind vane and the anemometer. Finally, put the cap on top of the column. Congratulations! Your weather station is complete.    Notice: 1. Please read carefully through all these instructions. 2. Adult supervision and assistance are required at all times. 3. This kit is intended for children over 8 years of age. 4. This kit and the finished product contain small parts which may cause chocking if misused. Keep away from children under 3 years of age. 5. Handle the thermometer with care. The glass body is fragile. Broken glass may cause injury. In case the thermometer.   Package Included: 1 x Plastic Tube 1 x Thermometer 1 x 2 halves of support column 1 x Funnel 1 x Rain Gauge Support Arm  1 x Wind Vane Support Arm 1 x Anemometer Support Arm 1 x Wind Vane  3 x Anemometer Cups 1 x Thermometer Arm 1 x Long Spindle 1 x Short Spindle 1 x Compass 1 x Cap 1 x Anemometer Hub Several Screws (0.5-litre or 1-litre plastic soda bottle with screw thread and small crosshead screwdriver are not included but also required)    More Details: