Zhiyun Transmount Dual Grip L Bracket for Mounting LED Light Microphone Monitor for Zhiyun Crane Series Gimbal


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Effortless Operation: Able to be held with two hands, hold the grip tightly by the wrist strap.
Freely Angle Adjustment Control: Universal 1/4 thread holes and stacked installation for accessories mounted within 360 degrees.
Multiple Usage, expandable for various accessories like monitor, LED light and microphone with 1/4 screw.
Mount stacked available for more professional shooting scenes.


Brand: Zhiyun
Product Name: TransMount Dual Grip
Color: Black
1/4 Threaded Hole: 3
Compatible Stabilizer Model: Zhiyun Crane Series: Crane 2 Crane Plus Crane M
Size: 197 x 186.5 x 47mm (L xW x H)


1. Get the big screw base ready and tighten it to the 1/4 threaded hole at the bottom of gimbal.
2. Get the small screw base ready and tighten it to the 1/4 threaded hole of a monitor, fill light, or microphone as needed.

Package Included:

1x Zhiyun TransMount Dual Grip (Only)